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Aquaform unveils Island Walk experience as an adaptable alternative to spa showers

Wet spa specialist Aquaform has created an Island Walk experience for spas to offer in smaller spaces.

Typically, its wide (35cm2) shower heads can only be placed in a line overhead and need enough room to fit them side by side. The Island Walk, however, uses smaller circular jets (8.5cm in diameter) which can sit in a ceiling in any pattern – in a circle, around curved walls or a straight line – so spas can get really creative with the customer journey in the space they have.

There are four different types of jets – spray, rain, nebulising and aerated tropical – and all are integrated with RGB colour LED bulbs to create different atmospheres.

To relax muscles spray jets of 40˚C can be used with green lights, while nebulising jets at a cooler 26˚C can be combined with blue light effects to make users feel regenerated.

Aquaform's newest aerated tropical jet is said to be perfect a soothing experience when set at 36˚C and combined with white light.

Sound and aromatherapy are optional extras as well.

"There are no constraints with this system," says Aquaform founder Stefano Moretti, "only of the imagination."

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