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Fitness racing company Hyrox sees UK gym affiliation scheme jump from 18 to 120 in one year

Hyrox is a “fitness racing” concept that sees all levels of athletes compete in timed events worldwide.

Participation has grown from 35,000 participants to 90,000 in one year. The event requires each competitor to complete 8 x 1km runs with a functional movement between each – every competition has the same set up which facilitates a global rankings system.

The startup’s leading market is currently the UK where its gym affiliation programme increased from 18 gyms to 120 in the last year. “The gym affiliation programme is exploding,” said co-founder and CEO Christian Toetzke, formerly head of development at Ironman Group. “We’re aiming for 300-400 by the end of 2023.”

Hyrox’s affiliated gyms pay a yearly fee which includes using the Hyrox brand name, joining the online affiliate map, training support and access to Hyrox’s coaching certifications.

The first live competition, held in London in September 2021, hosted 532 participants. In September 2022 it sold out – as all UK events do now – to 4,500 competitors. The global race schedule increased from 28 races last year to 45 races this year, including new races in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Scandinavia. The company’s target is 200 live events by 2026 with one million participants.

“The beauty of Hyrox is that everyone can do it, because it’s based around natural movements,” said Toetzke. “Once people sign up for a Hyrox event, they are motivated in a different way. We want to help operators build their business by giving them the opportunity to bring Hyrox into their gyms.”

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