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Pulse Fitness on TRAKK for a healthy 2023

In 2021, Pulse Fitness added to its ever-growing portfolio of leisure industry services with the launch of TRAKK, its connected fitness app.

The app allows members to tap into prescribed workout plans, track their sessions and log their results, while operators benefit from enhanced member communication streams and integration into third party apps.

Now, Pulse has appointed Dominik Rzadowski, UK Digital Sales Specialist, to accelerate the development of TRAKK and provide a full 360 digital experience to operators and their members.

“Both operators and members want the same thing. An engaging, simple to use platform that promises results. So, to ensure we are continuing to offer the best product possible, we recently implemented some useful changes and upgrades to the TRAKK app.” says Dominik Rzadowski

“For example, thanks to our partnership with Tanita, members can now download their body composition data directly onto the TRAKK app helping them to stay in control of their individual fitness journey and track their progress. For operators, the TRAKK app will now run personalised facility promotions and banners encouraging users to click through to the relevant digital landing pages, enhancing member engagement even further.”

Since launch, operators all over the country, including the newly launched Killamarsh Active, have integrated TRAKK into their offering and over 15,000 users have downloaded the app to take their workouts to the next level.

“Looking ahead to 2023, we’re planning on implementing even more changes and feature upgrades to the TRAKK app, streamlining the user experience and providing operators with enhanced insights for member engagement.”

Find out more about the TRAKK app and book a free demo here

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