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ZeroWheel opens preorders for Bluetooth-connected smart abs wheel

The ZeroWheel is a motorised, Bluetooth-connected reinvention of the traditional abs wheel that is designed for a commercial gym setting and at-home use. This smart solution was introduced for the first time at CES 2023 and was created by Neil Singer, who has a PhD from MIT and is an expert in advanced motor control technology. The idea came to him as he struggled with traditional core exercises while recovering from a back injury.

“ZeroWheel satisfies the needs of a wide fitness demographic – it can help a true gym rat achieve washboard abs while also enabling physical therapists to assist patients with their recoveries," said Singer. "My personal trainer and I saw an unmet need for core training. Existing exercise machines failed to fully engage the abdominals and are not accessible to all users.”

The ZeroWheel offers four modes which range from substance assistance to intense resistance. Personalised feedback is sent to a user’s smartwatch or phone. It will also travel in multiple directions, so a wide range of muscles, from triceps to calves and quads, can be targeted. Priced at US$499, it will initially ship to North American customers only from Autumn 2023, but the team are intending to expand to international markets, including the UK, in the future.

The startup raised US$500 to bring the product to market and is now seeking investors for its US$1.25m seed round.

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