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Power Plate Rev combines indoor bikes and vibration to optimise muscle activation

Power Plate Rev pairs vibration with indoor cycling using patent-pending VibeShift technology. It offers gym operators a fresh vibration concept that can deliver accelerated cardio and strength training to members as well as wellness benefits.

This innovative combination was inspired by elite cyclists and the company says it has been proven to drive “significantly more muscle activation, increased oxygen uptake and greater calorie burn than traditional exercise”.

According to the company’s research in a preliminary study at the University of Greenwich’s Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance, the Power Plate Rev’s level one resistance with vibration is equivalent to level five resistance without vibration. It says that when using the system quad activation increases by 167 per cent, hamstrings by 144 per cent and glutes by 138 per cent.

“Rev is a truly unique product – resistance amplified by vibration delivers an outstanding experience that not only drives usage, but also delivers real results,” said Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, the manufacturer of Power Plate. “When combined with Power Plate whole body vibration, the Rev will enable integrated vibration-centered programming to create unique secondary revenue opportunities through circuit training, HIIT programs, personal training and more.”

Currently priced at £4,995, the Power Plate Rev has a commercial-grade design that will withstand the usage demands of gyms and health clubs as well as professional athletes.

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