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The new Tut Trainer is coming to the UK, Europe and Australia

When Canadian pickleball champion Steve Deakin injured his wrist, he used the Tut Trainer to get him back up to strength. The second iteration of the Tut Trainer has just been released and as well as being quieter and smoother, it has an increased resistance load from 150lbs to 200lbs (68kg to 90kg), which is created from 36 ounces (1kg) of calibrated resistance bands.

The Tut Trainer can be used by professional athletes and everyday gym goers for prehab, rehab and bodybuilding. It is lightweight (1.6 lb/5kg), portable and compact (requires less than 2sq ft) and the Tut app – which features over 250 exercises and on-demand classes – integrates with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Withings and My Fitness Pal.

"We fill a sweet spot in the fitness market that combines versatility and value,” said Rob Smith, CEO at Tut Fitness. “With 19 patents and counting, the high performance micro gym’s user-friendly design gives gyms, trainers and their clients a convenient, affordable and highly effective strength training solution that incorporates the very latest in stackable resistance band technology.”

The product is currently available in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East, but over the next few months distribution deals should be in motion for the UK, Europe and Australisia. The team has also started selling to retail, specialty fitness equipment distributors and corporate wellness providers.

“We are creating a new category of high-performance, portable fitness equipment, where we set the standard,” added Smith.

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