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Build a successful fitness business with Xplor Gym

Achieving success takes tenacity. The right partners and processes are vital. What do successful gyms and fitness clubs have in common? Let’s take a look.

Choosing best-in-class technology

Technology is essential. That starts with fast, responsive and easy-to-use gym management software. Software with everything needed to work efficiently, engage members and grow.

“Successful gym businesses must be able to grow without barriers. That’s why Xplor Gym is anything but one size-fits-all. An API first approach lets operators build a service to suit their specific needs and membership base – with the flexibility to easily add new services and work with leading industry partners. All unlocking new opportunities for revenue growth."

Successful clubs can’t risk downtime or security breaches. So, they rely on cloud-native, ultramodern software delivering exceptional resilience and data security.

To thrive, clubs choose software with fully embedded payments. Automating collections, offering a flexible payments calendar, resolving member queries and reducing admin.

Welcoming new members

Successful gyms let new members join digitally and a process with minimal steps gathers all the information needed to welcome new members quickly and efficiently.

New members need more than an induction – successful clubs know this. During the member onboarding process, gym software creates triggers at key journey milestones automatically sending personalised email and text messages.

Empowering members

Successful gym businesses empower members to manage their own memberships – with an easy-to-use app and online portal.

Each visit matters. Successful fitness clubs rely on access control technologies that are integrated with their software for seamless access every visit.

Engaging members

The most successful gyms stay in touch with members. Using their software to schedule and send targeted, personalised email and text messages at scale.

Successful clubs have an effective strategy for re-engaging high-risk gym members, which will be a multi-channel strategy, using member data for a targeted approach.

Managing performance

Leaders have access to real-time, reliable data. The software makes informed business decisions easy with instant access to insights.

Find out here why successful gyms are turning to Xplor Gym.

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