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/skin regimen/; Your glow-to urban skincare regimen

Founded by Dr Davide Bollati, alongside an expert scientific committee and inspired by modern plant chemistry, /skin regimen/ combines nature and science in concentrated clinically proven formulas that counteract visible signs of aging related to lifestyle; stress, pollution and urban aggressors.

"The science of beauty and health should be studied with the profoundness that embraces the complexity of human existence," says Bollati, /skin regimen/ founder, pharmacist and chemist.

Featuring the proprietary Longevity Complex™ with organic superfood extracts and carnosine, /skin regimen/ was created in 2017 by parent-company Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone. The line was designed to support urban dwellers’ skin and help it stay healthy, glowing and firm in three simple, personalised steps: detox, empower and regenerate.

In addition to the brand’s range of at-home skincare products, /skin regimen/ offers two professional facial treatments to enhance effectiveness.

The first, the /Urban Longevity Facial™, combines a professional peel, targeted customisable boosters and a reoxygenating massage to ensure clients experience a glowing and brighter complexion. Meanwhile, the /Urban Detox Facial™ uses a peel-off Detox Mask enriched with chlorella and plant-based charcoal, along with customisable boosters, to reveal a purified and brighter complexion free from imperfections.

The line offers clean, concentrated vegan formulas with up to 99 per cent natural origin ingredients. And as a certified B Corporation™ since 2016, all /skin regimen/ products have been designed and produced according to the highest sustainability standards.

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