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How can Himalayan salt products add value to your spa?

Looking to take your spa guests’ experiences to the next level? With its natural therapeutic properties and soothing aesthetic, Himalayan salt is a powerful tool for enhancing the healing value of your treatment spaces.

Himalayan salt contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts with research-backed health benefits for users – including improved respiratory, sinus and bone health; improved circulation; anxiety relief; and more.

Leading halotherapy equipment supplier Himalayan Source has outlined some of the key opportunities Himalayan Salt can provide for your spa and how it can enrich your customer journey.

A versatile healing tool
Luxury spa teams across the globe not only use Himalayan salt products – such as massage stones and salt scrubs – as valuable add-ons to popular treatments, but they’re also turning to Himalayan salt for larger-scale, customisable spa installations such as salt walls and salt rooms.

For example, there’s been a rise in private halotherapy experiences introduced in response to anxieties surrounding returning to spas after COVID-19. These combine far infrared heat therapy with the benefits of Himalayan salt to create a luxury healing experience with minimal human contact.

During the experience, guests relax on a massage table that provides far infrared heat therapy combined with gemstones, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and LED light therapy. They also breathe in pharmaceutical-grade salt microparticles from a halogenerator while enjoying the ambience of a warm glowing Himalayan salt wall.

At Gurney’s Seawater Spa in Montauk, New York, a new Himalayan salt room has been installed featuring a custom 18’-wide-by-9.4’-tall Himalayan salt wall, constructed of 768 pure white, 100 per cent Himalayan salt bricks.

To further enhance the guest experience, the Gurney’s spa team has also incorporated Himalayan Source’s Atlas Flex Block Salt Table and Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy Massage.

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