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Klafs launches the world’s first foam steam bath, Espuro®

Klafs – the world’s leading sauna manufacturer – has launched the Espuro® foam steam bath, a global first that provides a completely new bathing experience using only natural ingredients.

Inspired by the fascinating magic of foam, Espuro® combines relaxation, the pleasure of bathing and soothing skincare.

The Espuro® foam steam bath journey begins with the release of a dense aromatic foam into the steamroom, to deeply cleanse and moisturise the skin. Next, relaxing sounds and soothing scents – combined with coloured lights – wash over bathers to evoke the spirit of a sunset or a walk in the woods and awaken childhood memories of a playful bubble bath.

After this experience, a gentle stream of warm water is released to wash the remaining foam away.

The Espuro® takes bathers on an unforgettable journey and invites them to feel, smell and dream thanks to the multi-sensory experience.

“We integrated Espuro® into our spa area with great expectations – and in the end, they were definitely exceeded,” said Violeta Pantic, hotel manager of the Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe in Germany, where the Espuro® was first installed.

“Our guests are consistently thrilled by this unique and exciting foam experience.”

Suitable for hotels, private health clubs, spas or cruise ships, the new Espuro® foam steam bath provides an unparalleled wellness experience for guests. A low-maintenance option for cleaning teams, all water-carrying lines are flushed and disinfected at the touch of a button, meaning guests can feel comfortable and safe during their foam bathing experience.

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