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Vine tuning: Vinésime's Edouard Damidot introduces new grape-scented perfumes

Vinésime has long been complimented on the “elegant yet delicate scents” of its skincare. So much so, the vinotherapy brand has launched two unisex perfumes which capture the sweet summer essence of the Burgundy wine region.

The fresh, light Chardonnay scent has notes of the grape mixed with mandarin, pink pepper and grapefruit. Meanwhile, the powerful Pinot Noir fragrance draws on the scents of red grape, bergamot, violet leaf and blackcurrant.

“Our cosmetics products combine texture, look, smell and deliver skincare results,” says Vinésime founder Edouard Damidot. “Focusing on only one sense meant we had to be much more precise in delivering the essence of our territory.”

The timely additions could prove a hit as more spas tap into olfactory marketing to create a lasting impression.

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