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Fisikal and Keepme join forces to turbocharge revenue-generating opportunities for operators

Fittech brands Fisikal and Keepme have announced an official integration. The new partnership will provide leisure centres, health clubs and gyms with a fully interoperable package of smart member automation, AI-powered business intelligence, advanced booking, payment and content delivery solutions designed to optimise new member acquisition, retention and secondary spend revenue opportunities.

“This partnership brings together unique, market-leading business intelligence and automation, delivered to customers through a personalised custom-branded member experience,” explained Rob Lander, CEO, Fisikal.

“Using its smart automation platform, Keepme applies predictive AI and member data to optimise efficiencies at all points on the member journey while Fisikal’s functionality streamlines personalisation, on-demand content, bookings and payment processes.

“This collaboration draws from the expertise of two market-leading brands to create a smart digital solution focused on driving financial success.”

Fisikal and Keepme are both big advocates of collaboration. Ian Mullane, CEO, Keepme, said: “Frictionless interoperability is vital if we as a sector are to optimise the opportunity digitalisation presents.

“Through this partnership with Fisikal, we’re providing operators with a best-in-class solution that addresses a wider portfolio of needs than Keepme could address in silo. We’re already talking to several operators and expect our first joint ‘go-live’ to be announced shortly.”

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