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Fashionizer Spa's sustainable Eco Smooth fabric now available in new styles and colourways

Two years after Fashionizer Spa launched its durable, breathable and comfortable eco-friendly fabric Eco Smooth, the company is pleased to announce two new styles created in the fabric.

The new additions to the collection include the Margo spa tunic and the matching Cedar spa trouser in a brand-new colour Oatmeal, which can be worn together for a stylish full set or mixed with black or white trousers.

With its smooth and luxurious finish, Eco Smooth has enjoyed high praise from its customers – including its latest partner spa at the Maybourne Riviera in France. Staff feedback at the destination has been extremely positive after the team opted for a navy mix-and-match version of the Aurora tunic in Eco Smooth.

The age of ethical uniforms
The innovative fabric was developed in 2019 as a natural progression of Fashionizer Spa's popular Cotton Performance Fabric.

Eco Smooth has proven itself to be highly successful with customers and spa staff, combining the benefits of organic cotton (60 per cent) with the durability of ™Newlife PET (37 per cent) and an added touch of Lycra (three per cent). This blend creates uniforms that aren’t just elegant to look at and great to wear, but are also sustainably crafted.

The cotton component in EcoSmooth makes the fabric strong, breathable, hypoallergenic, comfortable and biodegradable.

Meanwhile, the organic production process reduces the negative impact on local water quality and biodiversity, a sustainable action that reflects the ethos of Fashionizer Spa.

Additionally, ™Newlife PET is a high-performance textile derived – without chemicals – from recycled plastic bottles, which achieves a quality material that boasts similar properties to cotton and silk. It complements the organic cotton element of Eco Smooth with anti-bacterial, moisture-controlling and fast-drying properties, and the result is a lightweight fabric that feels comfortable against the skin and is practical to launder.

The final touch is the addition of high-performance finishes including Silverplus®, an anti-bacterial environmentally friendly solution that is applied to help prevent the build-up of odours and allows the uniforms to stay fresher for longer.

In addition to Fashionizer Spa's elegant new designs, Eco Smooth is also available in other styles and colours, with an exciting new launch expected at the end of June 2023.

Kaitlyn McKissick (Morro) of Infinity Group Gibraltar (Fashionizer Spa client), said: “The fit, cut and comfort of our uniforms is important. We want to look stylish and function easily throughout the day. Fashionizer Spa’s garments tick all these boxes – customers love to see us looking chic, the design supports our individual shapes and we appreciate the fact that the company has taken the initiative to create their garments with sustainable fabrics. The age of gorgeous and ethical uniforms is here.”

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