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Introducing Yon-Ka’s new Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist

Yon-Ka’s Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist is a revolutionary product that offers complete protection for the skin against pollution and various light rays – the two leading causes of premature ageing and skin issues.

The mist works by creating a protective barrier on the skin’s surface that prevents the adhesion and penetration of pollutants and other particles, providing 360° protection. The formula contains a biosaccharide derived from green science and antioxidant polyphenols extracted from sophora japonica and butterfly tree that form an instant protective barrier against atmospheric pollution and target the harmful effects of light rays.

Pollution has become a significant concern as studies show an increase in outdoor pollution, leading to oxidative stress and various skin problems such as lack of oxygenation, inflammation and loss of elasticity.

Additionally, different light rays such as UV and blue light contribute to skin ageing and oxidative stress. Yon-Ka’s Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist provides a reliable and effective solution to combat these effects.

In addition, the mist not only shields the skin but also moisturises, soothes and enhances radiance, making it a versatile product suitable for all skin types.

The Vital Defense Multi-protection Mist is a real radiance treatment with visible results after seven days – with radiance improving by 16 per cent and the uniformity of the complexion being enhanced by 40 per cent.

The product’s effectiveness and positive feedback from users make it a must-have for anyone looking to safeguard their skin against environmental aggressors.

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