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Biologique Recherche: 45 years of passion

Biologique Recherche was founded by a family of passionate skincare experts. Today, it is managed by Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme, while Philippe Allouche, son of founders Yvan and Josette Allouche, leads the Research & Development team.

Remaining loyal to the brand’s fundamentals, Schmid, Delapalme and Allouche continue to relay its unique methodology and results-driven, personalised approach, which combines powerful products and effective bespoke treatment procedures with respect for the skin’s structure and physiology to guarantee results.

It took the brand 45 years to build this rigorous and complex methodology.

At the cutting-edge of its skin biology expertise, Biologique Recherche provides a powerful, effective, comprehensive three-step skin care programme throughout the sun cycle and suitable for all Skin Instants©.


PRÉPARATION U.V: Pre-sun-exposure facial treatment

HELIOS3: A dietary supplement acting from within to support the epidermis before, during and after sun exposure.

2. PROTECTION: Form a barrier that protects the skin from solar radiation during the exposure period.

PROTECTION U.V. VISAGE SPF 25 / SPF 50: for face
PROTECTION U.V. CORPS SPF 25 / SPF 50: for body


RÉPARATION U.V: Soothe & repair the skin for the face.

The exclusive Biologique Recherche Triple Shield Complex©, formulated with 100 per cent natural filters, combining mineral filters with plant-based filters, provides protection from the entire spectrum of solar radiation by targeting 100 per cent of the sun’s rays.

The company’s highly-customised solutions target each client’s individual needs, making Biologique Recherche the brand of choice for the most discerning clientele in more than 85 countries.

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