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How spas can tackle the current financial climate

Oliver Cahill, managing director of Premier Software part of Journey Hospitality, is well-versed in assisting spa operators world-over. As spa professionals and clients tackle the current cost of living crisis, we ask Oliver his supportive perspective.

What should spa operators be mindful of in the financial climate?

Spa operators need to be mindful that clients impacted most by the current financial climate will be priced out of luxury spa day offerings. To combat this, it’s important to offer express package alternatives at your facilities. That way, clients from all backgrounds can still visit without losing interest.

What advice do you have regarding memberships?

Many people will be stripping back their subscription-based payments, so it’s vital to make spa and leisure memberships attractive in alternative ways.

Loyalty schemes are a key component of retention, as they reward clients for visiting. Using loyalty points, built up from repeat visits, clients can redeem a free session or spa treatment at your facilities. Now is the time to review your offerings, even if it’s just a complimentary item or thank you message to make members feel valued.

How can software help tackle the cost of living crisis?

Core by Premier Software® is our business management solution for the spa and leisure industries, and one of its key features is its plethora of reports. These not only help track incoming and outgoing revenue, but helps you tweak treatments, loyalty schemes and market accordingly to maintain client interest.

Core then integrates with onejourney®, our all-in-one booking system, to display all available packages and pricing on your website. This helps tailor the booking journey to each client and ensures they find a hotel, spa or leisure package within their price range and preferences.

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