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Power Plate unveils new 360° wellness concept at Alpine Formula 1

For the last two racing seasons, Power Plate has been proud to serve as recovery partner to the Alpine Academy Formula 1 team, providing its elite drivers and coaches with recovery sets that feature the Power Plate Pulse, Power Plate Roller and Power Plate DualSphere.

Additionally, both team and staff have enjoyed the benefits of the top-of-the range Power Plate pro7, installed in the on-site gym at Alpine’s Enstone HQ.

Here at Alpine’s head office, wellbeing support extends beyond drivers and coaches, with 900 employees receiving support from a dedicated Enstone wellness team.

Iain Murray, Power Plate VP UK & Ireland, takes up the story: “Workplace wellness has been a focus for Power Plate for many years, but interest has surged since COVID – and Alpine is leading from the front, embedding wellness from top to bottom.”

He continues: “We approached Alpine’s wellness team to explore ways to work together to develop a best practice for workplace wellness. The resulting 360° wellness solution – Workplace Wellness by Power Plate – was introduced to all employees at an event held in Alpine’s main reception on 10 May 2023.

“The 360° wellness concept was rooted in the understanding that, to fully meet the needs of Alpine employees, complementary wellness solutions from multiple brands would be needed. We were excited to lead the effort, with key partners including Reach Wellness, InBody UK and GSport Therapy Chairs.”

Throughout the day, staff members and drivers either dipped in to the elements that best suited their individual needs or experienced the full circuit: starting with InBody UK analysis to understand issues and injuries, then moving to Power Plate and Reach Wellness to support weaknesses identified and mobility imbalances, before ending with mental and physical relaxation in GSport gravity chairs.

“The whole concept worked fantastically and was incredibly well received,” says Murray.

“With Alpine’s wellness team currently working on new staff wellness initiatives, and a new elite facility planned for early 2024, it was great to be able to showcase this exciting new 360° approach.”

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