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Bulgari Spa London partners with Mauli Rituals to launch new sound therapy rituals

Ayurvedic spa and wellness brand Mauli Rituals has launched four new treatments centred around female wellbeing at The Bulgari Spa London in Knightsbridge.

Featuring dosha-specific sound therapies, the treatments are curated by four female wellness specialists.

Each of the four new multi-layered treatments – Shakti, Ojas, Chakra and Prana – is accompanied by a dosha balancing sound therapy.

A dosha is a key aspect of Ayurvedic therapy, symbolising physical and emotional energy. Made from a combination of elements, the three main dosha are Vata (air/ether), Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha (water/earth).

The treatments begin with an in-depth one-to-one consultation, allowing guests to understand their dosha, ensuring optimum benefits and enabling therapists to tailor the ritual with the most appropriate products for the client.

Guests will then be invited to choose from one of the following sound meditations, recorded for their specific dosha, with each of the four wellness specialists:
Propelling Positivity – Visualisations to shift the core beliefs that shift us and hold us back from living our highest potential with Dr Tara Swart Bieber, a medical doctor, neuroscientist and best-selling author, who specialises in the intersection of science and spirituality.
Harnessing the Heart – Meditations to help release fear and open the heart to the love of self and others with Estelle Bingham, who specialises in working with individuals to express truth and find joy through her private transformative sessions, retreats and podcasts.
Reconnecting to Release – Visualisations grounded in Reiki healing to uplift the energetic and emotional systems with Alice Law, stress management specialist consultant, podcast host and Reiki master.
Formative Frequencies – Gong and sound bath waves to shift from negativity and move to clarity and confidence with Athena Ko, one of London’s leading gong masters, who works with Fortune 500 companies to disperse stress and promote calm and peace of mind.

The selected sound therapy will be available to download after the treatment to support ongoing wellbeing beyond the transformative spa experience.

An offering of a sacred red thread, known as ‘Mauli’ in India’s blessing rituals, completes each treatment, to resonate and connect with the subconscious.

“Everything we experience is made from the four elements, each pointing towards strong feminine energy,” says Anita Kaushal, co-founder of Mauli.

“Goddess energy and mantras (freedom from mind) are intrinsic to ancient India’s healing modalities and in collaborating with these four exceptional women, Mauli takes the guest experience to ever greater heights of authentic luxury.”

The new treatments

“Shakti” Divine Feminine Nurturing Ritual is designed to balance all ages and stages of the female hormonal cycle. Personalised oils, organic Shatavari herbs and a body and scalp massage are layered with singing bowls and mind therapy meditation to balance subtle energies.
120 minutes £350 (US$433, €406)

“Ojas” Surrender & Revive Ritual is a signature full-body experience, supporting mind and body to decompress, release burden and revive skin and spirit. The detoxification process begins with a foot massage, followed by a full-body organic triphala scrub to further ease digestion and lymphatic drainage.
120 minutes £350 (US$433, €406)

“Chakra” Realign Ritual is a multi-layered treatment that combines a full body massage using personalised dosha balancing oils, detoxifying herbal poultices and sound therapy to activate the Kundalini channels.
120 minutes £290 (US$358, €336)

“Prana” Crystal Therapy & Marma Massage incorporates personalised therapeutic oils, chakras and acupuncture in a full body massage. Particular attention is paid to strengthening the digestive tract and releasing stress and anxiety.
120 minutes £350 (US$433, €406)

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