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Comfort Zone introduces new and improved Hydramemory line following reformulation

Sustainable spa and skincare brand Comfort Zone has refreshed its Hydramemory collection to restore and maintain hydration and combat changes in the microclimate to prevent dryness.

The B Corp brand’s new vegan range includes a Water Source Serum, a Rich Sorbet Cream (also available in a lighter version), an intensive Hydra Plump Mask, a Depuff Eye Cream and a Face Mist.

After taking inspiration from desert plants and their ability to retain moisture in extreme conditions, Comfort Zone has refreshed the line with prickly pear extract from regenerative agriculture and macro hyaluronic acid.

Both are known as deeply hydrating ingredients which are claimed to significantly improve the skin’s ability to retain water and are clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and leave skin dewy, plump and healthy.

Other new key ingredients include betaine, plant-based squalane and vegetable glycerin.

In addition, the collection combines the brand’s Skin-Adaptive technology with biomimetic textures to mimic the skin’s natural composition for optimal absorption and long-lasting comfort.

Eve Mérinville, Comfort Zone R&D director, said: “Drawing inspiration from the resilience of desert plants, we’ve updated the Hydramemory formula with potent super hydrators.

“The biomimetic formula is clinically proven to boost immediate hydration up to +70 per cent and gives skin up to 10x the ability to retain moisture.

“Plus, we have introduced refillable packaging for the cream and serum, reducing its material usage by 93 per cent and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.”

With the relaunch of its hero collection, Comfort Zone’s Hydramemory treatments have also been redesigned and improved.

Inspired by cryotherapy, the brand's 50-minute Hydra-Glow and 25-minute Insta Hydra are designed to restore deep moisture and glow to the skin. Therapists use the Hydramemory formulas in synergy with ice rollers and the brand’s signature Hydra Drain and Lift massage technique for a brighter, glowing complexion.

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