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Edeniste launches active wellbeing fine fragrances backed by neuroscience

Edeniste is a new fragrance brand infusing scientifically proven molecules into an active fine fragrance collection, proven to improve emotional wellbeing.

“My aspiration has always been to bring emotional wellbeing to people, but when I looked into the fragrance industry, I found that this need wasn’t being addressed,” says Edeniste founder Audrey Semeraro. “There was a gap in the market.

“Edeniste is the first perfume with active molecules, offering a ‘psycho-physiological effect’ – an emotional fragrance experience offering greater wellbeing.”

Following input from leading neuroscientists and a partnership with Japanese fragrance company Takasago, the brand has created a two-step olfactory process.

First, users pick one of seven active wellbeing fine fragrances – called Eau de Parfums – formulated to regulate and rebalance stress levels, each one containing a patented olfactive compound proven to have a regulating impact on mood.

Scents include Rose Délice, Vetiver Imaginaire, Jasmin Cruel, Néroli Sensuel or the Eau de Parfum Intense: Vanille Irresistible.

Next, consumers pick one of Edeniste’s six Lifeboost active essences that have been proven to enhance and stimulate areas of the brain; Happiness, Energy, Dream, Wellbeing, Relax and Seduction.

The new products have been proven to have a positive effect on olfactory pathways and limbic system following extensive testing by neuroscientists. After monitoring users’ heartrate, electrodermal activity, blood flow, skin conductance and muscle tension, the results indicated Edeniste’s active essences had a positive impact on the physiological responses.

Semeraro continues: "Shaped like two round drops – representing nature and science – your two chosen Edeniste bottles nestle in the palm of your hand in the shape of the number 8, the symbol of infinity. Becoming aware of our inner self and how it balances with our outer self is the foundation for good physical and mental wellbeing.

“As the first fine fragrance brand to create active wellness fragrances, our mission is to make people feel good. With this in mind, Edeniste would certainly look for like-minded partners in the luxury spa and wellness industry, especially those combing both wellness with science and therapies.”

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