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How surf simulators are transforming the experience economy

The experience economy, driven by evolving consumer trends, is poised for continued growth in the coming years. Millennials have been at the forefront of this shift, favouring memorable experiences over material possessions. This preference has extended to other generations as well, indicating a broader adoption of experience-focused spending habits in the attractions sector.

Industry leader FlowRider has held a strong foothold in the experience economy for over three decades, and has been dedicated to delivering the exhilarating experience of riding a wave worldwide. Their commitment to providing unique experiences has been evident through partnerships with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, installing surf simulators on their ships since 2007. This collaboration exemplifies the enduring influence of the experience economy on consumer spending habits.

One notable trend within the experience economy is the rise of ‘competitive socialising’. Activities such as mini-golf, axe-throwing, and darts, combined with food and beverage elements, create vibrant social environments that engage guests for extended periods. FlowRider's surf simulators fit seamlessly into this trend. Surf House Helsinki in Finland, which features a FlowRider Double as its centrepiece attraction, represents the epitome of competitive socialising venues.

While activities like axe-throwing and mini-golf offer enjoyable outings, they lack the association with a thriving lifestyle. In contrast, the surf lifestyle has seen significant growth since 2020 and is projected to continue its upward trajectory until 2032.

“FlowRider, with its compact footprint and technology catering to both beginners and experts, bridges the gap between the rising trend of competitive socialising and the flourishing surf lifestyle,” said Andrew Yathon, VP of Business Development at FlowRider. “The experience economy shows no signs of waning, with consumers increasingly valuing unique experiences.”

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