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Designing a successful spa with bbspa_Group

For 30 years, bbspa_Group has provided market-leading professional design and consultancy services to the spa industry.

Régis Boudon Doris, founder and CEO of bbspa_Group, explained: "We guide the client every step of the way during the realisation of their spa. Throughout the process, we always prioritise the guest's wellbeing combined with the investment's profitability.”

bbspa_Group understands that creating a successful spa is a demanding challenge, and not only from a financial perspective.

The consultancy describes designing a spa as setting up a business which sells something that isn’t tangible but is nevertheless measurable from an economic point of view and in terms of customer satisfaction.

On every project it works on, bbspa_Group brings creativity and a deep knowledge of the wellness world; utilises its strong grasp of the required managerial and management commitment; and always works towards creating a unique project.

According to the organisation, one of the most crucial ingredients to a successful spa is creating a well-structured and up-to-date menu of services and concept during the design phase.

So, what are the most important components of bringing a spa to life? bbspa_Group shares its top tips.

bbspa_Group’s five steps to success

1. Thoroughly analyse the target audience it intends to address and the customer segment it wants to 'conquer'.
2. Conduct in-depth research about competitors.
3. Explore and get to grips with the local area surrounding the new spa.
4. Establish the type of investment it intends to make.
5. Define clear and achievable objectives and timelines.

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