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Introducing Longevity Spa by Starpool

Starpool works to improve people’s quality of life and give real meaning to longevity. For the company, actively caring for physical and psychological wellbeing is an investment for both long- and short-term health.

Stella Rossi, Starpool marketing manager, said: “Our mission is to spread the culture of wellness and make it a daily habit”.

With this in mind, the company has developed its Longevity Spa concept to enrich wellness and beauty. The innovative concept is powered by expertise from industry specialists and Starpool’s ongoing scientific research and technological innovation.

Available in three different combinations, Longevity Spa blends photobiomodulation, molecular hydrogen boosters, cold therapy and dry flotation therapy.

The forward-thinking solution is designed to respond to the global demand for an increasingly interconnected wellness experience that profoundly impacts people’s health and wellbeing.

“We focus our scientific research on longevity and preventive health – including sleep, performance and stress management – because these are the main global health issues where our wellness solutions can have the greatest effect,” Rossi adds.

“With our Longevity Spa, we've devised an innovative concept for the business of wellness and beauty, providing a cutting-edge solution for those who want to devote space in their centre to preventive care and longevity.”

Despite being powered by highly advanced technology, Starpool’s Longevity Spa equipment can be operated by beauticians and spa managers with ease. Skilfully combined with targeted protocols to act effectively on stress management, sleep and mental focus, they become precious tools for an innovative approach to beauty and health.

To learn more, contact Starpool, or follow this link to check out more information about Longevity Spa offerings.

Access Starpool’s complete health and beauty catalogue here.

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