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Gharieni Group: welcoming the age of the integrated spa experience

Today’s headlines are brimming with examples of how the fusion of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is propelling us towards a novel way of life.

According to leading spa and wellness equipment manufacturer Gharieni Group, these advancements are also redefining the wellness journey and ushering in the age of the integrated spa experience.

The company says this new generation of technology delivers evidence-based wellness benefits – instead of just short-term bio-hacking fixes – and takes the lead in bestowing benefits and worth to end-consumers for their wellness investments.

Integrating mind/body wellness technologies into the spa environment not only provides an opportunity to improve on existing menus while allowing the spa to remain true to its USP.

In addition, these technologies can help to alleviate service provider shortage, all while incorporating a robust new element to your business projections that can potentially have a highly positive effect on your ROI.

Gharieni Group’s innovative technologies can be experienced alone or in combination with spa treatments to harmoniously elevate the wellness experience.

Take for instance far-infrared light therapy with its detox and sports recovery attributes ( MLX i³Dome), or binaural vibroacoustics (RLX Satori) with its powerful anti-inflammatory and brain entrainment qualities or the immune enhancing and pain alleviating benefits of warm sand immersion (MLX Quartz).

“Touchless technologies harness the best of spa and wellness therapies alongside the accelerated power of 21st-century innovation” Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO of the Gharieni Group.

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