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Meet the TRUth
Medically validated body composition analysis for the fitness industry

Staying fit is the key to good health. Now, more and more people are realising this and are starting to look for professional health-oriented fitness studios.

With the seca TRU, you have the chance to build on this growing trend and support members on their fitness journey by providing them with medically validated body composition data.

The true indicator for health and fitness

Thanks to the seca TRU, you can provide your members with professional, medically validated data on their training progress, such as how much muscle mass they’ve gained and how much fat mass they’ve lost. In just a few seconds, the seca TRU determines these and many other values with medical precision.

Visualise training progress

The seca TRU tracks the slight changes that occur in body fat percentage and muscle mass on individual limbs and torso. This enables operators and their club teams to keep members motivated and best tailor their training plans to make sure they're reaching their health and fitness goals.

Set your fitness studio apart!

seca TRU delivers the highest body composition technology at an unprecedented gold standard, thanks to its advanced clinical validation. Elevate your member experience and stand out from the competition with a BIA solution that integrates seamlessly into your fitness club.

This is seca

seca is a med-tech company from Hamburg, Germany, that develops body composition solutions and shapes research in this field.

Our medical branch has been established in the UK for decades and now we’re entering the fitness market with the seca TRU.

Uncover the TRU potential of your members and the power of your fitness studio with TRU medical body composition analysis.

To find out more

To find out more, head to the official seca TRU website or contact Stephen Barton (business Consultant mBCA) via email or phone +44 7951306024.

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