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Sustainability at its best: Fashionizer Spa unveils new Kinthia robe

No luxury spa guest experience is complete without a warm welcome and a luxurious robe. Fashionizer Spa knows this better than anyone and has recently unveiled its latest sustainable offering – the Kinthia, an exquisite spa gown inspired by the classically elegant kimono silhouette.

Based in the UK, Fashionizer Spa is a renowned global textiles company committed to championing sustainability in its product offering. The introduction of the Kinthia gown further expands its popular line of sustainable uniforms; seamlessly blending functionality and style while upholding a responsible and cost-effective ethos.

The new robe is not only tailored for use in hotels and spas but also serves as a sophisticated VIP or retail offering for guests.

Crafted with sustainability in mind

In a bid to create a garment that reduces its environmental imprint from start to finish, the Kinthia gown is crafted from 100 per cent organic cotton and is designed to use less water and energy during the laundering process than traditional towelling-style pieces.

In fact, testing by TDS Laundry shows that the new gown reduces laundering costs dramatically by 50 per cent when compared to traditional towelling robes – and 63 per cent less than waffle robes. This is largely due to the gown’s smaller size (it weighs only 350g, whereas traditional towelling robes and waffle robes weigh 550g and 950g respectively). This means more garments can fit into a single wash, lowering both the ecological impact and cost for businesses.

This calculation also considers drying time, as towelling gowns take approximately 50 minutes to dry and use 29.6kW/h of energy on average, whereas Fashionizer Spa’s new robes take only 25 minutes, using 14.8Kw/h.

The new Kinthia wrap-style gown requires a light iron; however, when comparing the cost of this process it is negligible in the face of the reduction in the overall costs of maintaining these garments in hotels or spas.

Kinthia’s final stand-out sustainability feature is its capacity to biodegrade at the end of its useful life, further emphasising Fashionizer Spa’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

A comforting embrace

In addition to its sustainability credentials, Fashionizer Spa’s new robe is designed to be comfortable and chic. The lightweight, soft organic cotton elevates the spa experience, including thoughtful details such as carefully designed sleeves, a detachable belt and two pockets.

The Kinthia gown is currently available in the following options:

• Plain, undyed cotton which can be embroidered with spas’ own logos and personalised with a trim of choice.

• An exclusive green leaf print, created by the Fashionizer Spa design team and inspired by forest bathing images. The chemicals used in the printing are not harmful to the environment and this item is also fully biodegradable.

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We will be showcasing our spa uniforms at the Independent Hotel Show in London, hosted from 16-17 October, stand no 2285.

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