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Swissline unveils Cell Shock White Brightening Intensified Night Cream

Swissline has developed a brand-new night cream that helps address pigmentation, melasma and dark spots, while reducing lines, wrinkles and inflammation.

The product features the same texture and night-only technologies used in Swissline’s existing Luxe-Lift Night Cream; palmitoyl tripeptide-1, superoxide dismutase and snow mushroom extract.

However, the new launch is differentiated by the inclusion of key brightening cosmeceuticals. These include alpha arbutin and tranexamic acid – to target dark spots and pigmentation – as well as diacetyl boldine, which is claimed to help regulate melanin.

Custodio d’Avo, Swissline’s global brand director, said: “At Swissline, we’re passionate about skin biology and well-versed in the skin’s own language, so we know nighttime is when we need to help the skin enact change.

“As we sleep, the natural lowering of stress-related markers facilitates skin recovery, making it more receptive to change. Plus, fragile active photo-sensitive ingredients can finally do their job undisturbed.”

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