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iS Clinical introduces epigenetic retinol duo: Retinol+ Emulsion

Cosmeceutical skincare brand iS Clinical has developed a brand new retinol product designed to optimise the pro-ageing ingredient's benefits while minimising its potential side effects.

Available in two different strengths (0.3 per cent and 1 per cent), Retinol+ Emulsion is powered by two decades of scientific research and has been designed to offer a comprehensive solution to a myriad of skincare concerns.

The star ingredient is a keratolytic form of retinol which is said to aid in the breakdown of excessive and damaged skin cells. When combined with a proprietary blend of bakuchiol, antioxidants and extremozymes, the formula is claimed to help target fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough texture and blemishes.

Moreover, it works to enhance the complexion promoting smoother, softer and brighter-looking skin.

Retinol+ Emulsion is suitable for normal, oily, dry or combination skin types.

Clinically-backed results
Both formulas are backed by scientific research and iS Clinical’s commitment to evidence-based formulas. Subject studies for the 0.3 per cent solution show a 22 per cent reduction of wrinkles, an increase in skin elasticity of 22 per cent and skin hydration up 18 per cent.

In gene activation studies – with a protocol designed to mimic at-home use – both solutions were shown to significantly influence gene expression in the skin.

Differential gene expression was demonstrated for 3,233 genes, positively impacting up-regulating processes including wound healing and skin repair, controlled apoptosis (programmed cell death), antioxidant activity, skin homeostasis and dermal-epidermal junction maintenance.

Alana Chalmers, Harpar Grace International founder and CEO (iS Clinical parent company), says: “ iS Clinical is a brand known for its extensive formulation testing and in-house expertise. The new Retinol+ Emulsion duo offers a 360-skin overhaul, with a fast-acting keratolytic formula, encapsulated and bio-identical lipids, phosphatidylcholine and triglycerides across two strengths.

“We look forward to introducing our key partners to the formula that makes iS Clinical so unique”.

More about iS Clincial
iS Clinical products and treatments are available through a carefully selected network of medical spas, professional aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors.

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