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Lemi introduces new Milano treatment bed range

Italian spa and wellness equipment supplier Lemi Group has unveiled the new Milano treatment bed, available in either the Classic or Evo model.

With a double-column base, the Milano line has been designed as an elegant new solution for spas which is inspired by stability and comfort.

Both versions of the bed are equipped with a 15cm thick memory foam standard mattress, underside chromotherapy lighting options and a foot pedal capable of adjusting height, back and seat arrangements, complete with Aut and End functions.

Operators can adjust the height of the bed as needed, from 60cm up to 92cm, and programme the bed to memorise two positions which can be applied with just the push of a button.
The Evo version is differentiated by its HBS Stress Relief system which allows the back and arm zones to be stimulated without stretching and contractures, thanks to the ability to individually adjust both the armrests and the headrest.

Meanwhile, the Classic version features a horseshoe headrest – with padding made from a variety of sponges – which is fixed to the support in resistant, durable and hygienic plastic material. The model also features side handles that allow therapists to adjust both the inclination of the head and the distance from the mattress.

Matteo Brusaferri, Lemi Group general manager, said: "With Milano and Milano Evo, we aimed to capture the essence of genuine wellbeing, drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty and passion of our beloved Italy.

“Every curve, every technical detail, stems from our aspiration to create an experience that touches the soul and envelops the body in a comforting embrace.

“The choice to use a high-quality memory foam mattress and the introduction of the HBS Stress Relief system are the result of years of research and development, aimed at ensuring maximum relaxation and wellbeing."

In other news from Lemi, Brusaferri has just launched a new publication; Spa Experience: the Perfect Room for a Successful Spa. Find out more on Lemi’s official website.

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