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Esse Skincare goes stateside and expands into US market

Microbiome skincare and spa brand Esse Skincare has expanded its global footprint to reach the US.

“The bulk of the company’s sales are in Scandinavia and Northern Europe and the US is a natural next step,” says founder Trevor Steyn.

The company was launched in 2002 and is sold in more than 40 countries.

Claimed to have launched the world’s first live probiotic serum in 2015, Esse has continued to build on its offering in the medical aesthetic channel. The company uses biotechnology to mimic evolutionary forces in the skin microbiome.

Steyn told Spa Business he has a five-year plan to hit US$60 million in sales.

"The skincare industry seems obsessed with the appearance of skin and has a myriad quick-fixes to try to ‘get the glow’. We’re interested in optimising underlying skin health and that requires a robust, diverse microbiome,” he said.

“The process certainly requires more attention to detail, but we see this as the only way to improve ageing outcomes in the long term.

“Our innovation pipeline is strong and we hope to disrupt the status quo with services and products in the medical aesthetics channel."

Within the US, esthetician partners will be trained to perform the signature Esse treatments.

The brand has an extensive Professional range for in-treatment use, and a home-use product lineup that caters for a diverse range of skin needs.

The range is certified organic to European COSMOS standards and is carbon neutral, plastic neutral and vegan.

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