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Countdown starts for ISPA’s 2024 Conference

It’s time to unlock your spa's potential at the 2024 ISPA Conference.

Prepare to take an enlightening journey from 23-25 April in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, where each attendee can expect to elevate their spa career by tapping into the wealth of critical knowledge offered at exclusive Knowledge Builder Sessions.

In these sessions, spa professionals can expect to be energised to seize the opportunity to enhance their spa's success. Vital topics such as spa compensation, productivity improvement, exceptional service inspiration, navigating online negativity and more will be covered. Plus, insights into the FICA Tip Tax Credit will be shared to educate ISPA members on a surging topic in the industry.

More than 30 speakers are set to lead thought-provoking discussions exploring topics including innovative strategies to foster the growth and development of emerging spa leaders, catalysing the development of a thriving future for your spa.

Attendees are poised to uncover the powerful impact of compassionate leadership on their spa's bottom line, emphasizing the invaluable connection between heart-centred practices and financial success.

Experts will also provide guidance on harmonising diverse generations within a spa team, unlocking the full potential of each team member for a cohesive and dynamic workplace.

In addition, strategies to breathe life into your spa products will be explored, guiding retail products from the shelf to the customer's hands with proven and effective tactics.

Act now and enjoy early bird registration savings until 24 January. Don't miss this chance to revolutionize your offerings and elevate your career by registering today at

Your spa's future success starts now!

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