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Panatta shares the secrets behind the Three Angles Biceps Machine

Panatta’s Three Angles Bicep Machine is designed for training the main elbow flexor muscles; the biceps brachii and brachialis.

Adjustable in three inclinations, the machine can be set up in different working setups so that the shoulder can flex up to 90°, gradually limiting the activation of the biceps brachii and placing the brachialis as the main performer of the gesture.

The handles are articulated (jointed) and rotating, to follow the physiological movement of the arm along the entire range of motion.

The independent levers also enable users to work on their muscles unilaterally or bilaterally. This enables the machine to highlight any asymmetries between the two sides of the body and prevents users from accidentally over-compensating during exercise when exercising a single arm.

In addition, the CAM system connected to the levers returns a load curve in line with the natural expression of strength of the targeted muscles throughout the range of motion.

Finally, the handles are also adjustable on two angles, for a supine or semi-supine grip.

The Three Angles Bicep Machine’s settings

Position 1: Shoulder in a near-neutral position

There is maximum expression of overall strength since the biceps brachii still maintains a good degree of stretch.

Position 2: 45° flexed shoulder

The biceps brachii is in a partial shortening position, and the brachialis is the major focus during the movement.

Position 3: 90° flexed shoulder

The biceps brachii is totally shortened while the brachialis performs the movement.

Check out Panatta’s official video here for more insights or follow this link to watch Phil Heat’s complete back and biceps workout with Panatta.

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