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Introducing the next generation of Precor cardio consoles: a perfect blend of performance, fitness and entertainment

Precor made history in 2011 with the launch of the first connected fitness console. Since then, exercisers from over 340,000 facilities across 100 countries have completed an astonishing 1.2 billion workouts and counting on Precor-connected fitness cardio products.

The third generation of Precor cardio consoles introduces lightning-fast technology, an innovative modular design, a best-in-class media experience, and a wide range of workouts to keep exercisers motivated and engaged.

Creating a truly personal experience
During extensive research, Precor found that exercisers' relationship with digital content has shifted significantly in recent years, with most now preferring to stream their content from their phone. And it’s not just entertainment content that is being streamed.

Exercisers have diversified the number of health and wellness apps they access as well as relying on free online fitness content. They bring in their own content and place their phones on the console in gyms. When this occurs, exercisers are checking out of the fitness equipment experience and into their personal device.

In response to this growing demand for personal experiences, Precor is introducing PrecorCast™, its proprietary casting feature that is optimised for commercial fitness environments.

PrecorCast seamlessly and securely enables exercisers to cast content from their mobile phone on the big screen, while ensuring the privacy of texts, emails, and other applications.

Adam Hubbard, director of product and marketing at Precor, said: “PrecorCast removes the need for embedded console apps or logins. Wireless casting elevates the content on an exercisers’ phone, so they can keep their eyes on the big screen, where operators can make the biggest impact.”

To learn more visit Precor’s official website or follow this link to check out a video exploring the new launch.

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