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Flow System debut: your wellness journey begins in Riyadh

Art of Cryo is set to redefine wellbeing standards in the Middle East this February and install the region’s first Tec-Spa Module (TSM) in Riyadh at the Deem Spa by Kadoon Company.

The TSM is a biohacking solution that combines three Art of Cryo appliances to create a complete journey.

The experience starts with a cocktail of light therapy, ionized oxygen therapy, aromatherapy and long-wave heat therapy in the award-winning Multi Cryo-Hacking System (MCS). Next comes Art of Cryo’s electric Vaultz cryo chambers where guests enjoy programs tailored to their needs. The third and final pillar involves intermittent vacuum therapy in the Art of Cryo gravity Flow System to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Step one: The MCS

So much more than a simple sauna, the MCS is a high-tech device offering nine predesigned programs of multiple therapy applications, working on different levels. To do so, the software combines a selection of treatments into unique combinations – which Art of Cryo refers to as a cocktail.

“This vessel allows clients to enjoy a unique combination of three different types of light therapy (blue, green and red), ionised oxygen therapy, aromatherapy and long wave heat therapy, to offer them the world’s most sophisticated experience,” says Rainer Bolsinger, Art of Cryo’s chief sales officer and chief marketing officer.

Step two: Vaultz

The Deem Spa will gain one of the company’s globally renowned Vario Vaultz V2 – a spacious two-room whole-body cryotherapy chamber capable of accommodating up to six people. Using AI software, Vaultz delivers personalised treatment times and plans for every customer based on their individual needs.

The 4.2m-long chamber features unique flush doors, extra-large windows and embedded multi-coloured lighting for chromotherapy. To take the experience to the next level Art of Cryo integrated light-guided breathwork and soothing music.

Step three: The Flow system

Art of Cryo and Kadoon Company will celebrate the launch of the company’s first TSM installation in the Middle East with a special presentation about the Flow System at the EMEA Festival (20-22 February, Fairmont Riyadh).

Following the show, the Flow System will officially launch at the Deem Spa.

Join Art of Cryo in Riyadh and immerse yourself in the future of wellness at Booth #28 during the EMEA Festival.

To stay up to date with Art of Cryo, check out the company’s LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram pages.

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