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Maurer Rides introduces Spike Waterfight

Rollercoaster and ride designer and manufacturer Maurer Rides has announced its latest concept, the Spike Waterfight, which allows spectators and rollercoaster riders to soak one another with water cannons.

Spectators will aim at riders from multi-platforms, while pilots can shoot back from two water cannons built into the vehicles on the right and left, together with their water tanks.

The tightly curved rollercoaster layout rises up out of the water offering riders great views – which they could enjoy if they weren’t being soaked by ‘troublemakers’ wielding water cannons.

For those not keen on coasters, a waterslide can be connected to the platform entrance, and waterpark operators can decide the number of platforms they connect to and which type of waterslide: from freefall to family slides. The 30m-high rollercoaster tower is scalable and can be scaled to any height.

The ride also allows pilots to control their own speed, meaning that it can be ridden as a high octane or more laid back family-style attraction.

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