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Yon-Ka unveils Time Resist pro-ageing face cream duo

Yon-Ka has introduced the Time Resist Jour (Day) and Nuit (Night) moisturisers, to offer a comprehensive pro-ageing routine that works around the clock to plump and fill wrinkles while smoothing the skin.

Amal Amgaad, Yon-Ka’s director of communications, described the Time Resist Duo as an “effective, green-science-driven anti-ageing system”.

Both creams contain Yon-Ka’s proprietary youth-energy lipoamino acid, which is a PalGly mimetic molecule claimed to reduce inflammation. Yon-Ka says this lipoamino acid works at a cellular level and has been shown to reduce the presence of IL-6, a key marker of skin inflammation.

Time Resist Jour
Yon-Ka’s new anti-wrinkle day face cream formula’s main function is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by boosting the skin’s moisture levels. It relies on hydrating spheres made from natural konjac root filled with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump wrinkles.

Time Resist Jour’s ingredient list also includes smoothing oat polyoses and naturally derived saponaria pumila stem cells to reinforce dermal stem cells so they can continue to effectively defend the skin from UV exposure.

Time Resist Nuit
Yon-Ka has developed Time Resist Nuit to reinforce the anti-wrinkle action of Time Resist Jour.

Claimed to provide anti-wrinkle, regenerating and nourishing effects, the smoothing nighttime face cream is designed to work while users sleep for visible results when they wake up.

The formula features a rich blend of plant stem cells, natural antioxidants and euglene, with silk tree extract acting as the key ingredient. Yon-Ka says the extract fights against signs of fatigue by supporting the detoxification processes of cellular metabolism.

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