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Discover the perfect blend of style, innovation and flexibility with Living Earth Crafts’ Insignia 2.0 Ellipse

Living Earth Crafts has launched the new Insignia 2.0 Ellipse™ Multi-purpose Treatment Table, combining award-winning comfort and striking design aesthetics with operational excellence.

From Botox to body treatments, the versatile Ellipse can accommodate a broad range of spa and medi-spa treatments in a single room.

The bed features an elegant dual-column pedestal design with programmable LED accent lighting and a Dual Zone™ embedded table warmer.

Its replaceable, ultra-luxurious Strata Cloudfill™ Mattress, equipped with EarthConnect™ grounding and EMF protection, delivers exceptional comfort and grounding benefits for both guests and therapists.

Craftsman hand-upholster the sumptuous 5.5”, 5-layer cushioning system with our new, Comfort-Flex™ PU fabric – available in 12 spa-friendly colours.

The bed is also equipped with a proprietary Flo-Tech II™ whisper-quiet all-electric lift system by LEC which seamlessly adjusts the bed’s height and position – via wireless hand and foot controls – with nearly imperceptible movements. Additionally, the highly ergonomic Ellipse boasts the industry’s largest height range, adjustable from 22 to 39 inches, ensuring perfect positioning and ultimate comfort for every client.

VP of sales Erica Coble said: “Spa and wellness leaders are saying they need multi-use equipment and spaces to provide exceptional guest and client experiences while maximising revenue. We wanted to provide a solution that turns one treatment room into many.

“The beautiful and ultra-comfortable Insignia Ellipse™ can be used for many modalities allowing businesses to be flexible and versatile as well as more profitable.”

Built-to-order and fully customisable, the Insignia Ellipse options also include PivotPerfect™ armrests, ReZen™ Vibro-Acoustic Resonance Therapy, Mind-Sync™ clinically tested vibro-acoustics and multiple finish and fabric options.

Additional features include a convenient return to Home function, plug-and-play legs and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

With a 500 lb lift capacity, the UL listed table’s dimensions are as follows: 73” (185 cm) length x 30” (76 cm),32” (81 cm), 35” (89 cm) widths

For more information, please visit Living Earth Crafts’ official website.

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