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Introducing Oslo: MSpa's revolutionary portable rigid spa

As a leading brand in the portable spa industry, MSpa boasts more than 20 years of experience.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation in research and design, the company has continually strived to deliver the most comfortable, convenient spa experiences and artistic aesthetics for its users.

Continuing this legacy, MSpa has recently unveiled a groundbreaking new product: the Oslo Rigid Spa.

Filling a gap in the market, Oslo combines the elegant appearance and functionality similar to traditional spas with the lightweight advantages of portable spas. Moreover, its price falls between the two, making it highly appealing to a range of businesses and consumers.

The Oslo features a remarkably realistic acrylic spa exterior, making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious customers seeking higher quality.

Equipped with a 1100W HydroJet, app control compatibility and dual sterilisation with UVC and Ozone, the Oslo is both prestigious and practical.

Additionally, unlike traditional acrylic spas, Oslo can be conveniently delivered to customers’ doorstep, transported with a simple cart and DIY-installed by two people.
There's no need for lengthy ordering processes, professional installation teams or heavy machinery to position it in your desired location.

If you're tired of the competition in the low-end market or facing declining sales of high-end products, we believe the Oslo spa will bring unmissable new opportunities for you.

Enjoy the moment with MSpa and learn more at its official website.

Plus, stay up to date with all of MSpa’s news by following its Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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