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bbspa_Group's Gabriella Francia talks balancing tradition and tech in spas

For Gabriella Francia, co-founder of bbspa_Group and training manager, the powerful touch of a massage is the stand-out element that makes a spa experience truly unique.

In Francia’s opinion, massage goes beyond mere manual manipulation – it's an empathetic and intuitive experience that only a highly skilled industry expert can provide.

However, technology is advancing rapidly and the spa industry is witnessing the dawn of modern new devices that look to complement or replace the power of touch. For example, at the latest CES event in Las Vegas, French startup Capsix Robotics unveiled the Capsix Robotics.iYu, a robotic arm designed to perform professional massages.

Despite ongoing advancements, Francia is convinced that no machine can yet replicate or replace the intricacy of human touch and empathy of a professional masseur. But, she recognises that the technology can be used to complement and elevate spa treatments.

For instance, Aquamotus by Aquaform offers a Vichy-style shower massage with 16 types of rainfall massages, while the Zerobody bed by Starpool lets users floating in zero gravity for total body and mind regeneration.

“The goal is to amplify the value of the investment, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for every spa guest,” she said.

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