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Elevate announces new aquatics and active kids theatres for 2024 event

RLSS UK, STA and Swim England are joining forces to bring Aquatics to Elevate 2024

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), the Swimming Teachers Association (STA), and Swim England have teamed up to sponsor an aquatic theatre at Elevate 2024. This initiative provides a platform for the aquatic industry to explore recent advancements, upcoming opportunities, and successes within the sector. Positioned at the rear of the Elevate exhibition and surrounded by numerous aquatic suppliers, the theatre will serve as a hub for networking and learning.

The agenda for the theatre is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics relevant to aquatic operators. Sessions will address workforce issues, safety protocols, disability swimming, recruitment strategies, inclusion efforts, and lobbying activities, ensuring there is valuable content for all attendees. Additionally, members of the Swim Alliance will present their efforts to boost participation in aquatics and address significant sector challenges.

The aquatic theatre at Elevate 2024 promises to be an essential event for anyone involved in the aquatics industry, offering a unique opportunity to gain insights, share knowledge, and connect with peers.

Kidztivity brings a whole day of Active Kids content to Elevate!

The Active Kids Theatre at Elevate will showcase an incredible array of speakers, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to our series of panels, seminars, and case study sessions. With seven distinct 45-minute sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge content and innovative ideas, making this a must-attend event for professionals in the children's activities sector.

"Kidztivity is thrilled to partner with Elevate to bring the Active Kids Theatre to life. This dedicated space allows us to provide specialised content for professionals in the children's activities sector, ensuring they have the latest insights and tools to foster physical activity among young people. We look forward to making this a cornerstone of the Elevate programme and a flagship event for our industry both in the UK and internationally," said Chris Sharman, Managing Director of Kidztivity.

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