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Explosion of passion for fitness at RiminiWellness 2024 and record success for Panatta

The passion for fitness and bodybuilding reached new heights at the Panatta stands during RiminiWellness (30 May – 2 June 20204) – the largest fitness event in Italy – which this year exceeded the 100,000 visitor mark.

During the four-day event, thousands of visitors flocked to the Panatta stands to train with the best equipment in the Panatta Muscle Gym and to discover all the new products on show.

In addition, the brand’s amateur bodybuilding competition “Panatta Rimini Contest” saw record numbers of entrants, with more than 500 athletes participating.

Another highlight of the event was a preview of Panatta’s FreeWeight One, a new entry-level line of free-weight machines designed to focus on essential elements: perfect biomechanics, compact design, ease of use and high performance.

On the cardio fitness side, the Rossopuro line was presented in touch and LED versions.

Another special attraction at the stand was the presence of two bodybuilding legends: Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr. Olympia, and Phil Heath, seven-time Mr. Olympia. Their participation drew thousands of young fans eager to meet the champions for photos and autographs.

Panatta says the public response was extraordinary, far exceeding expectations and filling the company with pride.

Young people are the main promoters of physical wellness and bodybuilding culture, an interest that brings benefits not only to physical health but also to mental health, promoting healthier and more active lifestyles.

Bodybuilding, in particular, is seen as a personal challenge that requires self-discipline, dedication and consistency: values greatly appreciated by young people who want to improve themselves and overcome their limits.

These themes were at the centre of “Ronnie & Phil LIVE” – a talk hosted by Bob Cicherillo,
the famous ‘Voice of Bodybuilding’ on 1 June in the Wellness Arena.

The event allowed the two champions to open up and create a real connection with the Italian audience, who actively participated by asking numerous questions.

The enthusiasm for Panatta and the palpable passion for training felt in Rimini represent
the best reward for the brand's hard work and preparation. The team feels it has an extremely bright future ahead.

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