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23 Oct 2015

Passive to active: spa gets sporty
   BY Liz Terry

In the 2015 edition of Spa Business magazine’s annual spa and wellness trends report – Spa Foresight™ – we highlighted spa and sport as being an exciting growth area for the industry.

The majority of spas have traditionally focused on offering passive experiences, with only destination spas programming in active pursuits, such as hiking, but we expect this to change rapidly over the next decade as millennials come on stream as spa consumers.

They’re demanding more participatory activities and spas will have the opportunity to engage with this new generation by making their offer more active.

Over the next year, we’ll be bringing you a series of case studies illustrating how synergies between spa and sport are being optimised to deliver a wide range of new spa and wellness experiences, in areas from spa and dive to spa and surf and everything in between.

In this edition of Spa Business, we visit the first of these – The Deep Joy, otherwise known as Y-40 – a new and incredible 40m-deep thermal dive pool at the Hotel Terme Millepini near Padova in Italy (Spa Business 2015 issue 4 p96).

Y40 is the brainchild of owner Emanuele Boaretto, who first had the idea in the 1980s when he was studying architecture. The concept incubated for 30 years until the Boarettos – searching for a new USP to give the hotel and spa something unique and spectacular to offer customers – decided to push ahead with their audacious plan.

The result is the world’s deepest thermal pool – a spectacular facility designed for people of all abilities and which enables guests to have a more active way of experiencing the healing properties of the local water.

The Boarettos say the water is 30 per cent more powerful than cortisone and highly efficient as an anti-inflammatory, for soothing muscles and regulating hormones and it’s already attracting new custom to the spa and hotel.

Other operators are finding new ways of combining spa and sport too. Over in the east of Bali, industry veteran, Tony de Leede – who has Australia’s Gwinganna Health Retreat in his portfolio – is creating a wellness business around his Komune surf resort.

De Leede and his partners have just opened The Health Hub at Komune, a holistic centre with everything from an organic garden, juice bar and healthy menus to a beautiful yoga pavilion, gym, infinity pool and spa. He says the synergies between surfing and wellness are creating strong demand for the new services and we’ll be reporting more fully on the spa & surf trend, and Komune, in 2016.

We find our tribe through our leisure time choices and there’s a new tribe emerging which wants spa coupled with prevention, wellness, sport and adventure – it wants experiences which are purposeful as well as indulgent. The question is, what will you do for them?

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