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29 Sep - 01 Oct 2021

25th European Spas Congress

Moravske Toplice and Racenci health resort

The European Spas Association is an umbrella organization representing 20 European countries. In Europe there are more than 1 400 medical spas and health resorts, which are medically respected health centers and in many countries part of the health system services.

As the main pillar of the Health tourism, Medical Spas represent a powerful economic unit generating significant proportions of the GDP of European Union member countries. This means also that the European medical spa facilities are not only an essential part of the health services, but also important economic contributors and employees. Many of these jobs are in structurally weak regions. Untouched nature and the distance to industrialized regions are an essential feature of many health resorts and medical spas. Advantage of health tourism is the four seasons business and the reduction of seasonality.

The requires are important for a greater co-operation of the national associations as well as the private sector in the field of medical spas and balneology to demonstrate the natural remedies based on thermal water, healing and mineral water, peloid, healing gas and climate. According the new Statutes we welcome advisory members like Clusters, Associations of Spa Towns, educational institutions, Research Centers; Health Tourism related Media.

The theme of the congress “think green - be active - stay healthy” was chosen to address major challenges in 2020 in the field of tourism and especially medical tourism like sustainability and the improvement of a personal and responsible healthy lifestyle of all citizens.

The congress will address cutting edge topics through presentation, roundtable debates and networking. Priority will be given to proposals that report on new methods and tools in innovation, education, medical research, information about new markets in international aspects.

Several promising best case and award winner are presented on ESPA congress and we will provide an ideal forum to exchange knowledge related to balneology and health tourism this special field of tourism, which provides business in all four seasons.

• The economic impact of balneology in the perspective of the government
• Training and education at different levels in the spa industry
• Medical research - update about programs and treatments
• Sustainability and cost savings through new technologies
• Destination branding, online sales and digitalization in health tourism
• Future health destinations, trends and challenges in health resorts

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