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03-03 Dec 2020

Retention Convention 2020


Global retention expert, Dr. Paul Bedford, will host his 6th annual Retention Convention virtually for 2020, bringing together speakers from around the world to form a documentary-style event: Turning Customers to Communities.

"During lockdown I attended so many online seminars that just didn’t work for me. So we decided to try something different.

"This won’t simply be a series of talking heads on a screen - we will be delivering a documentary-style event where the presenters will be sharing creative and engaging content to achieve the highest level of engagement and education possible.

"In addition to talking to the camera, speakers may also include interviews with customers and videos of clubs to demonstrate their point.

"All the speakers are or work closely with operators, when you have tackled the problem yourself you have deeper insights and more relevant advice to share. I believe we can learn an awful lot about building communities from these five sessions.

Want to attend?
Contact: Paul Bedford
Costs: Free
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Company: Retention Guru
Contact name: Paul Bedford
Tel: 07956311899
Sponsors:Active IQ, Precor and EGYM Digital

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