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13-20 Apr 2021

Beauty meetings - for professional beauty


Online match-making event with distributors from EMEA.

Beauty salons and spas are one of the most affected sub-sectors in the beauty industry by the pandemic outcomes. The lockdown was hard, as online skin treatments, nail polish, and hair removal are not possible.

However, few of the things the consumer is missing in this pandemic situation are the human contact and interaction, the pleasure of being pampered in a salon or a spa and have the professional advice and tips of beauticians and spa practitioners.

With all the hygiene and sanitary measures that beauty salons and spas are engaged to apply to protect their customers, there is no doubt that this sector will retrieve the growth pattern.

For the time being, beauty industry players need to seize and exploit digital opportunities to move forward with the brand development. That is why Beauty Meetings is committed to support the professional beauty segment and help suppliers reinforce their export network.

Even before the pandemic, the definition of “beauty” was becoming more global, expansive, and intertwined with individuals’ sense of well-being. The COVID-19 crisis is not likely to change these trends and in that, there is reason for hope.

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