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07 Dec 2021

World Halotherapy Association Symposium

virtual event

This year the World Halotherapy Association (WHA) is holding a virtual symposium, an event not to be missed! There will be an incredible line-up of global wellness experts as we integrate salt therapy into the wellness industry where it belongs. Join the event to learn more about the benefits of halo therapy.

Want to attend?
Contact: Erin Lee
Tel: +44 790996004
Email: [email protected]
Costs: FREE
Contact the organiser:
Company: World Halotherapy Association
Tel: +44 7909960044
Email: [email protected]
Sponsors:Halotherapy Solutions, Mito Red Light, Sea Pinch, Himalayan Source, Gharieni, Saltability, Sommerhuber, Saltecture, Hydromassage, Barr + Wray, Orbit Float Tank Systems

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