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09-10 Jun 2022

International Medical Spa Conference and Barcamp Workshop

Medical SPA „Eglės Sanatorija“, Birštonas, Lithuania
Algirdo Str. 22, , Birštonas, 59204, Lithuania

International guests: Travel Behavior and Requirements • International quality standards: „EuropeSpa” and „European Helath Destinations” • International Sales and Marketing • Natural remedies: Healing mud, water and climate as a USP in strategy • Barcamp Workshop „Strategy and Quality” • Workshop for Travel Agencies

Want to attend?
Contact: Irma Leseckienė
Tel: +370-618 54694
Email: [email protected]
Contact the organiser:
Company: Medical SPA
Contact name: Irma Leseckiene
Tel: +370-618 54694
Email: [email protected]

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