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04-06 Oct 2023

27th European Spas Congress

Karlovy Vary , Czech Republic

The European Spas Association is an umbrella organization representing 20 European countries. In Europe there are more than 1,400 medical spas and health resorts, which are medically respected health centers and in many countries part of the health system services.

The ESPA Annual Congress is a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional event for all business partner of the spa industry. The Annual Congress includes meetings, the annual Gala of the ESPA Innovation Awards, strategic thinking and knowledge sharing about the industry – an outstanding international conference to network with key stakeholders of the Spa and Health Resorts Industry.

The European Spa & Balneology Congress will be held in cooperation with the Region and the City of Karlovy Vary with its own Institute for Balneology and Scientific Studies. Due to the extensive scope of cooperation, the congress will present a unique opportunity to deepen many aspects of health tourism in three sections with experts. 1. Market research, trends, EU strategies, sales, and innovation in the field of sustainability 2. Medical research and socio-economic factors 3. Decisions and best case examples of urban and regional development in spa towns

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