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3DBA launches Splash Battle

New from Belgian company 3DBA is Splash Battle, an interactive water ride designed to appeal to the whole family and teenagers as well.

It consists of a number of cars running on a monorail-like track around a lake, the idea being for riders to use on-board water cannons to make riders in other cars as wet as possible, while attempting to remain dry themselves. A further challenge is trying to stop the flow of water from a series of objects firing directly in the car's path.

Spectators can also join in the fun by using shore-based cannons to fire jets of water at the riders.

The capacity of the attraction - available in Theme Park (dry and 'wet') and Water Park versions - ranges from 500 to over 1000 people per hour, with the experience lasting between two and three minutes.

The track length varies between 120 and 200m and the vehicles - which have four seats - can be themed to suit a specific site. Each car has four cannons, one at each corner and capable of firing a stream of water for up to seven metres.

The first Splash Battle to be built has been created at Walibi World in The Netherlands and features a number of extra elements. These include a tunnel, a waterfall, a themed water wheel and a sunken submarine that can fire jets of water at riders.

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