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Funxtion's experiential multi-screen solution 'engages members and supports trainers'

Interactive digital fitness creator Funxtion has launched the Funxtion Experience Multi-Screen Solution.

The system, which debuted at FIBO, is designed to enable the digital delivery of multiple exercise demonstrations to numerous screens programmed to run concurrently.

It was nominated in the FIBO Innovation & Trend Awards in the digital fitness category, and consists of a series of digital displays connected to a host.

It offers personal guidance to users as they make their way through the different zones. This frees up the PT's time, particularly in class situations, which will enable them to spend dedicated time with individual members.

Additionally, it enables operators to create immersive, boutique experiences by integrating music and lighting controls.

Ernst De Neef, CEO at Funxtion, says: "We recognise that ever workout space is unique. To reflect this, our offer provides multiple content delivery options to suit a wide array of environments and budgets. Funxtion delivers quality fitness content to the gym floor, creating motivating, virtually instructed workouts that engages members and supports trainers."

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